Diving head first into a creative workplace

Jean-Marc Broyer requires a certain amount of freedom to be able to tap into his own creativity and that of his co-workers.

Jean-Marc BroyerJean-Marc is responsible for research and development of Vachette’s locking devices of which mortise locks, panic exit devices and rim locks are just a few examples.

Jean-Marc runs a team of 14 engineers and technicians who design, redesign or improve new and existing locks. “Our greatest challenge is to remain creative when dealing with traditional locking products.”

One way Jean-Marc is fostering a more creative environment is by encouraging an exchange of information between different parts of the company. This creates an environment based on mutual trust where everyone can make their ideas heard.

Jean-Marc would like to bring additional functions under his responsibility for even greater synergies.

When at home Jean-Marc tries to spend as much time with his family as possible but when travelling he frequently uses chat, video and text messaging to keep in close contact. “My family, wife and two children, and my friends are the most precious things in my life”, Jean-Marc says.

Apart from his family, Jean-Marc spends his free time diving and instructing, something he has been doing for several years now.