The perfect man for the job

Michael Söderberg approaches everything with energy and humor. That is why he is perfectly suited to get Group companies around the world to work better together.

Michael is the director of E-cylinder Platforms at ASSA ABLOY in Stockholm, Sweden. His job is to help Group companies work better together in developing common technology for e-cylinders: locks that include some form of intelligence.

Michael says that in his job he needs to understand different Group company’s situations in order to see how he can assist them in developing their business. “It requires a fair sense of humor to do my job well,” Michael says jokingly.

Since Group companies operate in different markets and under different circumstances it can be challenging to find common ground. Michael says while differences do exist, they are often much smaller than what one believes initially. “I am generally impressed by the openness and commitment in the teams I work with.”

Michael enjoys meeting colleagues from different countries and cultures. He has learned a lot about the market and about ASSA ABLOY from these experiences. “At the moment, I am very happy doing what I do. I am good at getting people to work together and at making things happen,” Michael says.

Michael dreams of taking a break for a few years, learning to sail, buying an old yacht and renovating it. But taking it easy for too long is not an option. “I need intellectual stimulation and give it my all when involved in something whether it is work related or not.”