Making the best of change

The biggest challenge for Ratabongkot Sunantiwat, General Manager of ASSA ABLOY Thailand, is to make people understand the benefits of change.

Ratabongkot, who also goes by the nickname Mod, says that people respond to change in different ways. “We have to point out what’s in it for them and create a positive way of thinking so that we all understand and strive towards the same goal.”

Mod’s responsibilities include the overall performance of ASSA ABLOY Thailand. “As one of the Asian sales companies for the Group, we focus on sales performance and profitability, on the Thai market and channel development, on organic growth as well as on personnel development.” 

Mod’s goal is to see the company achieve its sales targets but also to see her staff feel happy about their own work.

“I would like to see our group as an organization which is continuously learning. People are the key to our development,” Mod says. “If we retain good people and help them reach maximum efficiency, our organization will become highly efficient.”

At home, Mod has a very big family to care for – mother, sister, husband and five dogs all live under the same roof. “Our home is never quiet.”

In addition to Mod’s two Master’s degrees, she is now studying Mandarin on weekends and, if she has more time next year, would also like to begin law school.

Mod believes that life is too short to put things off. “One day, when I am ready, I hope to open a small English school for kids,” Mod says. Mod enjoys socializing with friends, dining around Bangkok, shopping, working out at the fitness club or relaxing at a spa. On top of all that, she is working hard to improve her golf game.