Need an answer? Steven's your man

Steven Broodhagen is the man who has to have the answers. And if he doesn’t know about a product then he has to find out, whether the question comes from a customer or a colleague.

It is his greatest challenge but also results in some of his most rewarding work. As a customer service manager for ASSA ABLOY Canada, Steven has a staff of three, but his responsibilities are much broader. 

"I need to react quickly to questions being brought to me by the customers as well as my fellow co-workers, whether the query is technical or mechanical. Not an easy task when new products are being developed daily!"

The result however is worth it, Steven says. "When a customer compliments us on our accomplishments, hearing how good we are at what we do as a group, that makes me happy."

With so much customer product knowledge in his mental database and established contact with customer, it is not surprising that Steven wants one day to develop a more sales-related role.

When not thinking about ASSA ABLOY's extensive product portfolio, Steven likes spending time with his kids or reading a good book.