As a global digital door lock company, iRevo is involved in all processes of development, production and sales of digital door locks with its products garnering significant attention and praise in not only Korea but also China and the global market.

| Product design
iRevo boasts the best knowledge and production capacity in the world when it comes to digital door locks. This is evidenced by the fact that iRevo has even developed GATEMAN, the No. 1 brand with the biggest market share in Korea, from which digital door locks originated, and it is a leading company that integrates innovative design, advanced technology and convenient services to be provided to its customers.

| Manufacture
Digital door locks of the highest quality are manufactured in Korea and China by iRevo, which has accumulated much know-how through its vast experience of manufacturing a wide variety of digital door locks. It possesses manufacturing technologies with application of various types and standards of key and lock systems that are used throughout the globe such as the main key, auxiliary key and digital door locks with or without keys.

| Worldwide sales
iRevo offers the world’s most outstanding digital door locks through the global network of ASSA ABLOY. You will be able to find iRevo’s famous digital door locks at key stores all over the world including the U.S., Europe and Asia. In particular, retail chain stores are in operation in Korea (GATEMAN Plaza) and Southeast Asia (Yale Digital House).