Our company name “iRevo” came from the statement “I revolutionize the world” and we started with the goal of “I change the world”. Our company has redefined the traditional business of “key” into “digital home security” and we have introduced the brand “GATEMAN” for this purpose. 

iRevo has installed about 2.8 million units of GATEMAN products in Korea since the foundation of our company in 1997, and the significance of this number is that 12 million customers have trusted the “GATEMAN” for home security assuming four members per household. I want to express our sincere appreciation to our customers who recognize the value of “GATEMAN”.
Our company maintains the following principles in product development.
Firstly, we do not launch any product that is not differentiated from others. We think that making the same products as others is boring.
Secondly, we do not plan the product without good design. Design is a highly advanced technology.
Thirdly, we make the products that people are willing to buy for their value.

We believe that our products are acknowledged as the right products for the right functions when the products are used satisfactorily by our customers.
And also, our company conducts business with the following vision in order to contribute to the development of the country by widely spreading the technology of Korea, leading the digital doorlock technologies.
Firstly, we shall spread digital doorlock products and technologies born in Korea to the entire world.
Secondly, iRevo continuously creates new jobs and contributes to the development of the country by developing the doorlock industries.

Major shares in iRevo was acquired by ASSA ABLOY, a global company with its headquarters in Sweden in order to secure a worldwide sales network, and we export our products made in Korea to China, USA, and Europe. We are observing the increased demands of manufacturing and development resources according to the growth in export volume, and we expect that more new job opportunities will be created in related industries.

We are also trying to apply our know-how of lock technologies of the global company secured in this way to the Korean market. iRevo has already been conducting the rating system for digital doorlock products based on the enhanced quality standards for the first time in Korea. And we are discussing the international standardization business with KDMA (Korea Digital Doorlock Manufacturers Association) and the improvement plan of KS and KPS with KATS (Korea Agency of Technology and Standards). We believe that the competitive strength of the Korean digital doorlock industry will be reinforced through these efforts.

Needless to say, I use “GATEMAN” in my home. There is no better gate keeper than “GATEMAN” when it comes to the security of my house. I recommend “GATEMAN” that offers world class technologies, strict safety quality, and superior service with my full confidence if you are to choose digital doorlock products.

Thank you.