Company Overview
iRevo Charter
"The Hero Company Mass-Producing Heroes"
"iRevo, the Pleasant Colony of Revolutionaries"
Build iRevo-pia with iRevo style

iRevo exists to present the excellent and differentiated values to customers.
iRevo is the exciting space and time of the people overcoming their limits.
iRevo should become the proposer moving the heart of human beings with the most straight-arrow method.


1. Vision


exists to provide the innovative products and services and render the honorable service to the community through the best effort and the excellent result for the safer and more convenient lives of all human beings.
We want to be memorized as the people changing the world by ourselves and to be respected as the exemplary model of the society in all of our values, behaviors, and lives.

All of us are the precious individual beings respected and encouraged and the social family pursuing mutual growth and happiness. The company and employees achieves the mutual protection and development.


2. Mission (Meaning of Being)

Meaning of Being 1:  The company – The safe and convenient life is provided for all the customers in the world.

Our mission is to protect customers.
We protect the customer space and take care of the customer time.
Customers don't buy our products and services but buy safety and convenience.
We shouldn't fail to perform the noble mission. Our failure directly results in the customer disaster.
Hence, all of our products, research activities, and services should be provided and done to safely protect and conveniently use our houses and precious spaces.
No negotiation with baseless optimism and rare chance is allowed.
All of iRevo's officers and staffs should not forget the noble mission even in dream.
Regarding our products, it is natural for customers to be always in the urgent, unstable, and suspicious state.
Becoming the company with which customers are satisfied and on which customers can depend with an easy mind is the start of the great company of which we are dreamed.

Meaning of Being 2: Officers and staffs – we become the beings respected through honorable service.

Our mission is to show the really respected individuals to the world through iRevo.
We don't think that the being deserved to be respected is the person or genius who accomplished extraordinary deeds. A person is naturally a great being to be respected. It is believed that the person shows itself while a result is being achieved.
iRevo's hero is the person who believes its value, develops itself steadily, and changes itself incessantly.
iRevo should be the space where they work enthusiastically and show their true colors.
iRevo is the colony and play plaza for the professionals such as the person willingly serving for customers and colleagues, the person hearing the words of gratitude given confidently by customers, and the person having the strong self-respect of cheerfully going beyond its limitation for progress.


3. Core Values - iRevo Spirit 

Core Value 1: The moral-orientation (doctrine) – We are honorable. We would rather shut down our business than conduct illegal transactions

Honor is our value and confidence. It is our way of doing work fairly. The value of honor is the same as that of life. The moral should not be thrown away to get the short-term profit and work easily and comfortably. The value is not the object of negotiation in any case.

Core Value 2: Customer- orientation – We always think and act in customer's shoes.

We are not separated from customers. We are the customers. It should not be expected that customers will be content with the product and service with which we are not satisfied. A customer complaint is always right. Do not quarrel with a customer. Give a gratitude to the customer and learn from the customer. Customer's time is precious. Do not steal customer's precious time.
The most important customer is each one of us. The service for a colleague is the same as that for a family member. If you want to be treated, treat a colleague. Help a colleague do its work as the member of the community achieving its dream with putting hands together. Colleague's work is my work.

Core Value 3: Creativity-orientation (Creation) – We should change. We should change totally.

The value delivered to a customer should be excellent. Furthermore, it should be totally different. A customer pays the money earned from its laborious work to purchase a product from us. It is a packed fraud to sell a product similar or a bit better than another product. It should be really different and magnificently excellent. Real difference is our distinction verifying excellence. We call the distinction the creativity. The distinction encompasses the product, the service, the way of working, and the way of living. Therefore, it means that the method of implementing the creativity should be different. We call the attitude the challenge.