We are looking for heroes for the digital revolution.
Quite often one of the common characteristics of some people who make a distinguished contribution to the development of a company with outstanding achievement and producing energy for the company is that they are called obsessed with certain works. Looking into the characteristics of fast growing companies, most of them are led by a certain group of obsessed people. We are a creative, passionate, and young organization. We will help you to be obsessed with success.

| Hiring method :
 · Unscheduled throughout the year (Experienced)

| Common requirements :
 · People with creative and customer-oriented mindset
 · People who are qualified for overseas travel

| Inquiries about employment :
 · iRevo :  e-mail only (recruit@irevo.com)  (No telephone inquiries.) 
 · iRevo China :  e-mail (simon.yu@irevo.com )  TEL: 021) 6446-4067 (163)

| Miscellaneous :
 · Documents submitted for non-scheduled year-round application will be referenced preferentially when there is an opportunity.
 · Candidates who passed each part of screening will be notified individually. 
 · We may request additional documents during the screening process.

| Screening procedure by step :
 · Submit application -Download application form
 · Paper screening (candidates who passed the screening will be notified individually) 
 · First interview (working level)
 · Second interview (Final management interview) 
 · Final pass