Building a Culture of “Togetherness” at iRevo



Since it was first founded in 1997, togetherness at iRevo has grown and developed among the staff by holding regular meetings with the entire workforce. Meetings are held to highlight the company’s achievements and shortcomings, raise any business issues and to discuss ways of addressing issues that might have come up.


In the latest meeting held at end of July, iRevo Chief Executive Jae-Hong Ha, and his department heads presented the results for the first half of 2009, and evaluated the management targets set earlier for each department.  Mr. Ha expressed his appreciation for the hard work of the staff, particularly since iRevo generated a profit in the first half of the year despite the intense competition from within Korea and abroad.


The company welcomed new staff members, including an overseas intern who visited the country to get a taste of Korean culture. 


The open culture and style of iRevo’s management is such that its leaders have been able to cultivate and promote a business culture that emphasizes togetherness. And it is a culture they intend to promote and continue.



Caption: iRevo CEO, Jae-Hong Ha delivers his presentation