iRevo’s Koo: Client before Self



As the head of domestic distribution for iRevo, Min-Ghi Koo’s typical work day might seem ordinary: he checks emails, attends sales team meetings, handles complaints from sales representatives, and prepares forecast and sales reports. Why is Koo so interested in his job and why has he been recommended as Best Sales Person?
Koo believes that being considerate and serving the client with actions from the heart is a critical part of his work.  “Considering the client’s profit before my own company’s profit and developing win-win solutions are critical to sustaining long-term sales and customer relationships.” Koo says.
Koo is very proud of having an experienced team and believes iRevo’s sales team within the distribution division is made up of the world’s best digital door lock salespeople.  He considers his and his team’s most exciting achievement as having earned 5 billion Korean won (US$ 4 million) in November 2008.  This amount represented more than double the average monthly sales of 2.3 billion won (US$ 2 million).  In Korea, where most companies implemented an aggressive strategy to push sales at the end of December 2008, he and his team planned and began contacting clients two months earlier.  This move  resulted in a soft landing for its stocks, and saved the company the cost of spending large amounts of marketing dollars. Clients also benefited from this strategy by having the products delivered one month earlier. 
The move represents a good example of Koo’s “win-win solution.” 
Outside of work, Koo spends time with high tech toys, such as his computer, MP3, PMP and iPod Touch. He enjoys learning about new features, and believes understanding new technologies can  help him understand digital locks better. He also believes these provide him with opportunities to engage in innovation, originality and creativity. Koo is close to market trends and he has a new idea of expanding the market through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter since both are very popular in Korea.


Name: Min-Ghi Koo

Job title: General Manager, Department of Distribution Business (Domestic division)

Company: iRevo Co. Ltd.

Home: Seoul, Korea