Security Technology


| Password Security

A password of 4~12 digits of number can be set, and previous numbers cannot be used when setting a new password. For security while entering a password, thoughtful security functions are provided such as a palm touch function and peeping prevention function.


| Smart Card

Smart card means a card that has an IC chip to enhance security and secrecy of information. High capacity smart cards that can store varied information are applied widely in real life such as residential ID card, credit card, and traffic card.


| Fingerprint Recognition

A fingerprint recognition door lock has no risk of loss, stealing, or hacking as a safety key or car key are not necessary since the fingerprint is used to authorize the access. The world’s first scan-type sensor is applied to the product, and it has excellent security since the fingerprint is not left on the sensor.


| Floating ID

Floating ID is the world’s first real-time dynamic password technology in which the ID (or password) is designed to be changed automatically every time it is used.


| Safe Handle

The safe handle function has excellent crime prevention effects that open the inner handle through a gap in the fire door. A mechanical clutch structure used in automobiles was adapted as an emergency brake so that the door can be opened only when the button on the handle is pressed, and the simple structure without an electronic device ensures lower maintenance.


| Hook Type

Interlock locking type provides 10-times more locking strength than the existing crossbar locking method for the main key system and five times more for the auxiliary key system.



Home Network Support Technology


| Wireless Floating ID 

Wireless floating ID uses floating ID technology in wireless communications to block hacking. Even when the wireless data are hacked, decoding the data is impossible as the transmitted and received password is updated and changed immediately.


| Linking with Home Network

A remote controller can be used when home care communication pack is installed, and it is possible to build a network system so users can use the phone to check the security status inside the house or open or close the GATEMAN by linking with the network package, a wireless security system.



Fireproof Technology


| Fire Safety Technology

All GATEMAN products go through more tests than any other door lock product. A special material is used so that the device works normally in fire, and the door lock device detects the fire and releases the lock automatically with an alarm sound so that people can escape safely.


| Fireproof door lock (Anti-fire)

Continuous exposure to flame and heat through the gas between door lock and the door transfers the fire. The anti-fire technology, fireproof technology developed for GATEMAN, removes the gap between the door lock and the door completely to prevent fire transfer.





| Reliability Test

Good door lock device is a product you can trust. iRevo runs the biggest digital door lock reliability test facility in Korea. And we are running the highest level of reliability test so that people can trust it in real life, fire, electric shock, or other dangerous situations.


| Anti-shock Technology

All models of GATEMAN products produced after Dec 2005 have a circuit with anti-shock system technology. The anti-shock system is a double safety system using the principle of a lightning rod to block the flow of strong current and prevent malfunction of the program.



Safety Class


| Standard of Safety Class

In order to manufacture safer and more robust door lock devices for technology-leading GATEMAN products, essential test items related to safety are chosen based on long experience and the best technology, and the first safety class standards for digital door lock have been established by applying world class standards. Test items related to safety are divided into four areas with detailed test items for each area, and the tests are carried out based on a total of 25 test items.